Doing everything we can to reduce disaster risk

On International Day for Disaster Reduction, AXA is reiterating its commitment and determination to curb disaster risks. As a global insurance leader, AXA has a significant role to play. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Oct 13, 2016

"Reducing disaster risk is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable development, and private sector has a critical role in risk reduction", said Kirsi Madi, Director of UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction).

In addition to being a private sector business, AXA is a global insurance player, so risk reduction is a core focus for the group. The Group’s international presence means it can carry out worldwide initiatives and mobilize its human resources to make a big impact.

UNISDR: United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

Since 2013, AXA has been a member of UNISDR’s Private Sector Advisory Group, through the presence of Philippe Derieux, Deputy CEO of AXA Global P&C. Alongside more than 140 private-sector companies, UNISDR aims to create risk-resilient societies by collaborating with public-sector and civil-society stakeholders.

Gaëlle Olivier
Former Chief Executive Officer of AXA Global P&C

With our combined financial and risk management expertise, we have an important economic and societal role to play in helping our clients, cities, local governments, SMEs and larger corporations to reduce their vulnerability to disaster risk.

CARE: solidarity serving risk prevention

In April 2011, AXA joined forces with the NGO CARE to help vulnerable populations better prepare for climate-related risks.This three-year partnership was renewed in 2014 and has resulted in a series of projects to reduce disaster risk.

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These programmes reach out to the most vulnerable communities, especially those in developing countries, to raise risk awareness through prevention initiatives and help them strengthen their resilience if a disaster does strike.

AXA and CARE are also working together on two joint initiatives:

  • "Where the rain falls", an international research project being carried out with the United Nations University in eight countries including India and Thailand, aiming at understanding of the complexities of changing rainfall patterns, and their effects on food security and human mobility.
  • Emergency relief via international calls for donation such as for the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and for the Nepal earthquakes.

The AXA Research Fund at the forefront of risk research

As of today, the AXA Research Fund has committed close to €25 million to 112 fundamental research projects related to Natural Hazards and Climate Change.

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