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This is the seventh year that AXA has been the No. 1 global insurance brand. But it's the first time the group is turning 30, so a celebration was in order. More than 200 AXA employees took part in our big challenge, letting their creativity flow to express the brand's 30th anniversary in a photo. The results are in! ALL ARTICLES  |  Group
Nov 23, 2015

For its big 3-oh, AXA invited all of its employees to share a photo with the community illustrating the brand's thirtieth birthday. The entries were posted on One, the Group's intranet, so that all employees could vote. From October 26 to November 13, more than 200 employees posted a photo they had taken, while thousands more clicked to vote for their favorites.

It was a neck-and-neck race for a long time, but in the final moments a winner took the lead. The winning entry was from Hemant Marriya, assistant manager at AXA Business Services (India) for 11 years, whose photo earned more than 585 recommendations.

Hemant Marriya
Assistant manager at AXA Business Services (India)

I feel really proud. The contest "Picture our 30" gave all employees ar AXA an opportunity to show their creativity. Entering our Pictures in the contest was fun, exciting and a little nerve-racking

In addition to the satisfaction of seeing his photo receive top honors from the 30th anniversary community on One, the winner of the Challenge will be treated to a four-day immersion in Paris and meet teams dedicated to digital, innovation and research.

Only the winner will be offered this unique visit to Paris, but we would like to applaud the inventiveness of all our participants, by sharing a selection of their most creative entries. Congratulations and thank you for playing!
1) « 1985-2015 A journey» by Vicente ALLENDE, @AXA MEDLA, Spain, 2) « AXA CS internal communication team » by Virgile LOISANCE @AXA Corporate Solutions Paris, France, 3) « digital 30 » by Sierra BARNS @AXA US, Syracuse, USA, 4) « keep-calm-30 » by Rajat SHAH @AXA Business Services, Pune, India, 5) "AXA turning » by Pavan Y @AXA Insurance, India, 6) « AXA France fête les 30 ans d'AXA » by Margaux LEONARDUZZI @AXA France, 7) « AXA is 30 » by Conrad E. BRUNNER @AXA Winterthur, Switzerland, 8) « AXA wird30 » by Patrick WEIDINGER @DÄV Leben AG, Cologne, Germany, 9) « Celebrating30... » by Tanmaya SETH @AXA Business Services, Pune, India, 10) « 30alltogether » by Juan BELMONTE @AXA Spain, Barcelona, Spain, 11) « Life Operations 30 » by Kimberly BLACKBURN @AXA US, Charlotte, USA

30 years of creativity and going strong

For the brand's anniversary, let's look back at 30 years of innovation at AXA, with a brand-new timeline of the Group's key dates, an interactive map of AXA's partnerships and investments around the globe, and a focus on AXA's innovations for tomorrow's world.

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