Oxford VR partnership : How to tackle the growing gap between demand and supply in Asian mental healthcare

Spin-out from the world-famous University of Oxford, Oxford VR uses virtual reality experiences as cognitive therapy for patients suffering from social anxiety, psychosis or fear of heights. AXA has partnered with Oxford VR to find innovative solutions to promote mental health and wellbeing around the globe. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
May 24, 2019

Oxford VR’s idea originates in a simple scientific fact: the most effective treatments are active. It means that patients need to face the situation they find difficult to better learn from it and change their behavior in the future.

Take the fear of heights for example: it is commonly known that practicing climbing can help reducing this fear. But not everybody has the opportunity to climb long multipitch routes regularly!

This is where VR comes in. When VR is done properly, the experience triggers the same psychological and physiological reactions as real-life situations. And that means that what people learn from the VR therapy can help them in the real world.

Oxford VR announce first-of-its-kind clinical research in mental health in Asia using VR-enabled immersive therapy

On April 29, 2019, – Oxford VR (OVR), AXA Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have announced an agreement on a first-of-a-kind partnership to pilot a groundbreaking automated immersive therapy using virtual reality (VR) for mental health in Asia including the Greater Bay Area.

"AXA is proud to bring this technology to Hong Kong and Asia," said Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia. "Not only will we provide educational awareness on the topic and improve access to psychological services, but the partnership with CUHK will build the research evidence to advance care for common mental health conditions worldwide. "

This partnership brings together Oxford VR’s world-class clinical expertise in developing psychological therapies using immersive technology, AXA Hong Kong’s unique understanding of the Asian healthcare market and CUHK’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence and research. Read more

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