My Digital Revolution: Meet AXA’s digital agents and advisors

Around the world, the AXA Group’s agents and advisors act as our customers’ partners, with the mission to assist, support and protect them. In My Digital Revolution, AXA’s new web series, meet Yash, Niña, Anthony and Fabrice and discover how they use digital tools to better serve their customers day to day. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Mar 27, 2017

The Group’s agents and advisors are the faces of AXA and the lifeblood of its business in the 64 countries where it operates.

These agents and advisors are the linchpin of the company's digital transformation: they are the first to learn of their customers’ new needs and must meet these needs every day. Customers are increasingly connected and expect to be able to reach agents and advisors on the tools that they use daily.

Elie Hennau
Group Distribution Director

Our customers’ needs and behaviors are constantly changing, especially due to the rise of new technologies. Our customers expect an almost instant response from us, as well as a certain closeness and personalized advice. No matter how they choose to interact with us, their experience must be pleasant, seamless, and of high quality. We are therefore adapting our distribution networks to meet these needs by equipping them, in particular, with higher performing digital tools to deepen our relationships with our customers. Thanks to the commitment of our agents and advisors, we have already made considerable progress in this area – and we are continuing to assist them, to bring the Group closer to our customers!

In addition to their role as AXA agents and advisors, Yash, Niña, Anthony and Fabrice share the same enthusiasm for digital tools. They use them every day, in various ways, to address the different customer issues they face. Discover their Digital Revolution!

Yash is 30 years old, from India, and works as an AXA agent in Dubai's shopping malls. He sees digital as a compelling sales argument. This is his story:

Fabrice is 42 years old and a father. He lives in Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges, in France. He uses digital as a natural part of his work and responsibilities as an AXA tied agent. This is his story:

Niña is a young Filipino woman with a 12-year-old daughter. She believes that digital tools bring great benefits to her in her work as AXA agent and in her everyday life. This is her story:

Anthony has been working at AXA for almost 10 years now as a financial advisor in the United States. For Anthony, digital is a way to offer personalized products and services that are closely fit the needs of his very diverse customers. This is his story:

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