Like a guardian angel

Julia is a volunteer with the German Red Cross. But had it not been for a life-saving app, she would not be driving ambulances today. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Dec 13, 2018

Julia had always been very active. Despite an as-yet undiagnosed condition that led to dizzy spells she didn’t want to curtail her lifestyle. She enjoyed walks in the woods and dancing. She also had WayGuard installed on her phone for her safety.

Wayguard, designed by AXA Germany, provides peace of mind by proposing either a designated “Guardian Angel” – a reassuring family member or friend – or emergency services to be alerted by the user depending on the circumstances.

It no doubt saved her life, as one evening whilst on holiday on the Baltic coast, Julia went for a walk in the forest and started feeling faint. Before passing out she was able to use the app to warn her Guardian Angel that she was in danger. Using Wayguard’s tracking function, rescue services were then able to locate and revive her.

The nervous system disease that afflicts Julia has not stopped her from living life to the full as an active volunteer with the German Red Cross. She is now the one helping those in need. Here’s her story:

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