Making the most of Data Science in insurance

Last Thursday, AXA and Polytechnique held a half-day event to promote Data Science in insurance. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Nov 20, 2017

Data is a key part of the insurance business. It allows us to better know our clients, predict risks and help them making the right decisions. Through behavioral pricing, we will be able to deliver tailored products and services as well more prevention solutions.

We created a Chair with Ecole Polytechnique, “Data Science for the insurance sector”, to develop new techniques to make the most of the data collected by insurers and attract data science talents to the insurance business.

A half-day event was organized on Thursday, November 20th at the Ecole Polytechnique, moderated by Marcin Detyniecki, Head of Data Science and R&D at the AXA Data Innovation Lab. It consisted of presentations by senior managers and data scientists of the AXA Group and the academic world.

Richard Benjamins, Group Chief Data Officer and Head of the Data Innovation Lab, spoke about how data impacts people’s life and how to create value from data from a business perspective and for the benefits of society.

Stephane Guinet, Founder and CEO of Kamet, AXA’s startup studio, was also representing the AXA Group. He presented Kamet, “the start up that builds start ups”, and its objective: creating the new disruptors of the insurance industry, and incubating these InsutTech ventures, that will eventually join AXA Group.

Alexis Deudon, Head of Claims Business Domain & Design at the AXA Data Innovation Lab, presented an interesting insight of how to transform complex amount of data into simple projects -developed in the DIL- with user friendly interface to be easily understandable to all.

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