Give Data Back: sharing to better protect you and your home

AXA now makes its loss data statistics publicly available on the “Give Data Back” platform, so that everyone can gauge the threats of water damage or theft and learn how to reduce them. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Oct 12, 2017

Accessible on computers and mobile devices, the Give Data Back website openly shares AXA’s data on water damage and theft in six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland). An interactive map allows visitors to assess the risks where they live. The website provides useful information that includes the main indicators regarding these risks: frequency of occurrence and average cost to settle the claim.

Encouraging “collaborative prevention”

Most importantly, AXA enables website visitors to benefit from its risk prevention experience, offering numerous tips on how to better protect their home. The advice comes from AXA’s experts, but also other users. Anyone can help build up the database by sharing his or her tips and experience. All tips are ranked by popularity among users, ensuring that the website content is always relevant, and can be shared on Facebook or Twitter or by email.

With Give Data Back, AXA has chosen to use a transparent, collaborative approach in offering a new service to help people better understand and manage their risks. The data processed and provided on the website fully complies with data privacy rules. It has been anonymized and aggregated to ensure its complete confidentiality. To find out more about AXA’s data privacy policy, click here.

This just the first step for AXA. In the near future, the Group intends to connect the website to a whole ecosystem of services, notably by connecting users and service providers from its international partner network. The Group would also like to expand the platform to include more countries and additional types of risks.

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The Give Data Back platform is no longer available in Europe. Nevertheless, the initiative showed great success: the GiveData Back concept has been replicated in Singapore to explore accident hotspots, as well as in Mexico, where road datais shared with public institutions in order to improve road safety. 

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