Art that questions the relationship between people and new technologies

What role will technology and data play in our daily lives in 2025? What role will machines that can read human emotions play in this relationship? That is one of the fundamental questions addressed in the 2019 Trendbook compiled by the AXA Foresight team of experts. To shed some light on this question, we invited Albertine Meunier to apply her artistic imagination to the machines of today and tomorrow. Research & Foresight
Feb 28, 2019
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Another issue is that machines can read things that remain incomprehensible to us. For example, we don’t know how to read or analyze the list of search terms in My Google Search History. We just see a massive amount of data. Whereas a machine will read through all of it, count, correlate and give meaning to the mass of data. It will analyze the data closely and draw a conclusion. Will that conclusion have anything in common with what we know about ourselves and our experience? That’s where the data escapes us. Machines turn us into impersonal numbers. It raises a lot of questions!

As an artist, what do you think will be the most important interfaces in the future?

I think the primary interface will remain tangible objects that we can touch. We will always need objects that we can wear down and break. Notice how we always have our mobile phones in our hands. It’s striking. That’s my preference anyway, that we maintain our tactile relationship to technology. It’s true that voice is becoming more popular. But I don’t think it will prevail over touch. It’s too ethereal. It’s all in the air. Artists need a more organic and grounded relationship to the world. Moreover, I work with Bastien Didier on brain-computer interfaces. It’s a form of telepathy that will eventually become even more subtle than voice. Machines will be able to detect your emotions, your movements, your thoughts and then react accordingly – all the more reason to keep raising questions!