Our employees: keystone to the Group's success

In a difficult economic context marked by the swift evolution of consumer needs and habits, AXA is counting on its employees – the lifeblood of the company and the keystone to its success. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
May 13, 2016
in 64 countries and 363 entities
Average age of AXA employees
of which 53% women and 47% men
Average length of service of salaried employees

The most precious resource of the AXA Group is its 166,000 employees, spread across all continents. Their diversity, experience and loyalty to the company are a decisive asset for the firm.

George Stansfield
Deputy Chief Executive Officer ("Directeur Général Adjoint") and Group General Secretary

Investing in our employees - both in their technical and leadership skills - will be the absolute key to our long-term, sustainable success

It is essential for the Group to give its employees the means to flourish at work, continue to innovate and protect customers, while fully realizing their aspirations. To this end, AXA is implementing ambitious training and apprenticeship programs, fostering the personal development of its employees, and encouraging internal mobility.

Discover our 2015 Social Data Report, which presents key figures on AXA's global population, success indicators for the Group, and areas of progress in the development of an agile, inclusive and innovative work environment that is marked by a culture of trust among all employees.

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