CYMO: climate change prevention in real time

Technology, data management and human intelligence all combine to protect the most vulnerable with the launch of CYMO, a service from AXA Climate for communities most exposed to natural catastrophes. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Dec 19, 2019

Since the 10th of December, CYMO has been available to companies in 65 countries. This is the first service from AXA Climate to go beyond parametric insurance. CYMO is a global service, available 24/7/365, designed to provide real time support for those facing hazardous climatic variations and whose everyday life depends on it.

Human knowhow meets technology

CYMO is a NatCat (Natural Catastrophes) platform built on the combined competencies of more than fifty experts around the world and a network of satellites, planes and drones that criss-cross the globe to precisely determine risks and damage. Together, the technological input and human expertise enable analysis and prevention of risks linked to floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones or any other extreme natural event that may affect our customers.

Alert, Assess, Act

CYMO is structured around 3 essential functionalities, each covering one stage of the catastrophe. ALERT gives our partners all the keys to making informed decisions, at the right time, and to best prepare themselves. These alerts are sent by text or by telephone call, even in the middle of the night. With ASSESS, it is possible to visualise with precision the extent of damage caused by the event, as well as its severity, all within a few hours of its occurrence thanks to remote surveillance. ACT immediately triggers the actions necessary to safeguard people and possessions, including speedy compensation.

CYMO adopts a proactive approach to respond to the increasingly pressing challenges of climate change by providing advice in real time to limit, as much as possible, the devastating effects on life and property for our customers.

Antoine Denoix
CEO AXA Climate

Climate change is our reality and it leaves companies increasingly exposed. It’s vital to propose solutions to our customers to protect them against these risks and to help them anticipate them. It’s our duty as a partner to respond to these challenges wherever and whenever they need it most.

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