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Being close to our customers, In Real Life

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Apr 25, 2018

Our customers choose us for the availability of our agents and advisors, along with the quality of their advice. New digital technology is offering new opportunities to contact clients and personalize our responses alongside more traditional interactions. The result? An effective omnichannel experience. To better understand the close relationship between AXA and our clients, we spent 24 hours alongside Magali Launay, AXA general agent at Port-Marly (78).

8:55am. Arriving at the agency.

Since 2016, our 19 employees have moved to our new-in-town premises. This puts us closer to our customers... and makes us available to anyone who wants to become one! Our first floor is devoted to welcoming our clients; it’s got meeting rooms and a social area for more informal meetings. It’s not uncommon for people to drop by for advice, even unrelated to their existing policies! What’s more, by moving we reviewed the agency’s equipment: we’ve had the privilege of welcoming Pepper, our AXA interactive robot. “He” strikes up a conversation with any customer walking by, and gives them initial advice. Then, obviously, the real experts take over!

9:35am. Team meeting.

After answering to my customers’ emails and calling back one who wanted to go over his loan file, it's now time for my team meeting. My team is in charge of the agency’s banking activity. With my partners, we decided to set up a multi-specialist agency, around four areas: banking, individuals, companies and claims management. It enables us to be fully focused, to propose more tailored expertise and to better cater to our customers. Well informed, they expect high quality advice. We just can’t say: “I’ll make some inquiries”! We want to answer their questions accurately and immediately. Our layout allows us to see what’s going on throughout the agency and to guide our customers towards the best solutions.

1:32pm. Call from a customer, requesting information on a savings product.

Like all my customers, she has my cell number: in my eyes this is important in maintaining our close relationship. We got to know each other four years ago, when she was looking to buy a home. She not only got her loan with the agency, but also her home and family protection insurance. As she lives nearby, I suggested that she drop by to discuss this in person. Knowing our customers well allows us to advise them on products that truly meet their needs.

4:30pm. Meeting a customer at their office.

On average I meet four or five customers off-site everyday throughout the western Paris area.
In their office, at their home or at a café, whatever makes their lives easier, I let them decide where to meet. After this meeting, I’ll brief one of my business providers whose premises are nearby. Then I’ll go back home, but remain connected. My customers know they can text or email me anytime in the event of an emergency: for an agent, availability, organization and reliability are the cornerstones of success.

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