AXA Hearts in Action, the Beating Heart of our Company Culture

Since 1991, AXA Hearts in Action, the AXA Group's international volunteer program, has provided assistance and support to people suffering from exclusion (arising from social issues, illness and disability). For several years now, AXA employees have also been engaged in promoting environmental protection and risk education. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Jul 11, 2014

Protecting and improving the lives of millions of people, every day: that is our job at AXA. Our corporate responsibility strategy, through risk research and education, aims to better understand and prevent the risks faced by the society as a whole.

As a responsible corporate citizen, AXA strives to play a positive role in society, notably by fostering a culture that encourages volunteering among its employees. AXA Hearts in Action is the beating heart of our commitment and provides a way for each individual to contribute and give some of their time for everyone's protection.

To learn more about AXA Hearts in Action, watch this video explaining the role and missions of our corporate volunteering program.

Each year, during Corporate Responsibility Week, all group employees are invited to give time for everyone's protection and to raise funds for non-profit organizations in their country, taking advantage of this additional opportunity to participate in the many volunteer initiatives organized by AXA Hearts in Action around the world.

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