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AXA to be powered by 100% sustainable electricity by 2025

On July 11, I’m proud to announce that AXA will join the RE100 movement, committing to procuring 100% of electricity from Renewable Sources by 2025. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Jul 11, 2017

RE100 is a global, collaborative initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power, working to massively increase corporate demand for – and delivery of – renewable energy.

As a long-term investor and the world’s #1 insurance brand, we believe that climate change and the energy transition carry risks and opportunities that warrant our attention. Carbon emissions will require significant curbing to reduce climate risk.

Having become in 2015 the first global insurer to divest of coal, and having set a clear ambition to triple our green investments by 2020, we are now proud to make a bold commitment with respect to our own carbon footprint: we will be shifting to 100% renewables for our electricity consumption by 2025.

Concretely, how will AXA switch to 100% electricity?

In 2015, the portion of renewable energy consumed by AXA’s premises was 36% and increased to 53% in 2016. With the new target, we intend to enlarge this scope and will include both AXA premises as well as data centers.

Since 2016, AXA France started to buy 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources.

In Switzerland, AXA draws 400,000 kWh from a wind farm – which by the way has also been insured by AXA for many years – and produces additional green electricity using photovoltaic systems on its office buildings.

The green revolution is not only good for the planet, but is driving innovation and entrepreneurship across every sector of the economy.

This initiative is part of our commitments for “2020 Better Lives Partnership”, our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Plan for 2016-2020. We aim to reduce our own footprint and leverage our core business of insurance and investment to help the world better face climate risk.

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