AXA Strategic Ventures invests in online health

“The digital health revolution is underway,” announces Dr. Emil Kendziorra, co-founder and CEO of Medlanes. Today, the Berlin-based German start-up launched in 2014 is entering the European portfolio of AXA Strategic Ventures. ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Feb 29, 2016

Founded by Dr. Emil Kendziorra – whose twin passions are medicine and technology – and Erik Stoffregen – an entrepreneur passionate about artificial intelligence and data, Medlanes has become one of Europe’s digital-health leaders, less than three years after its launch.

An innovation driving customer satisfaction

What Medlanes offers is a combination of unique artificial intelligence technology and medical expertise and experience: from a simple photo and a description of symptoms, Medlanes can quickly provide an initial medical diagnosis, followed by a consultation with a qualified specialist. A dedicated mobile application means that patients can use the service from anywhere.

Minh Q. Tran
General Partner of AXA Strategic Ventures and Managing Partner of AXA Factory

Companies like Medlanes have built a unique digital tool to better understand users and patients and provide them with personalized service […]. Medlanes has developed an innovative approach to healthcare.

This innovative approach is what led AXA Strategic Ventures to invest in the company, which combines the ease of online and mobile use with the quality and reliability of a doctor’s appointment.

An investment supporting international growth and diversification

With this investment, Medlanes will be able to expand its offer and enter new markets. “We will use these funds to develop our offer in Germany and launch into new markets this year, such as France or the United Kingdom. We will also continue to enhance our product and add to our range of services,” said Dr. Emil Kendziorra.

Medlanes also plans to step up its cooperation with insurers to offer a comprehensive, high-quality service.

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