AXA moves to second best sustainable insurer worldwide

AXA’s sustainability performance, according to the DowJones Sustainability Index, improves again in 2017: AXA moves from fifth position to second-best player in the insurance industry - the Group’s best performance ever. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Sep 14, 2017

Developed jointly by RobecoSAM and S & P Dow Jones Indices*, the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index features only global sustainability leaders. The purpose of this index is to track and rank the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide, based on an analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. It is recognized globally as a unique reference point in the field of sustainability. AXA has been included in the DJSI Index since 2007.

This year, AXA’s overall score remains stable at 85/100, while the industry average decreases, pointing to a more stringent analysis by RobecoSAM. As a consequence, AXA’s ranking moves up from #5 to #2 in the industry.

AXA’s score in the environmental and social dimensions increases. Among the different criteria, the following can be highlighted:

  • Customer Relationship Management”: The AXA Digital Marketing strategy is positively assessed by RobecoSAM in a context of marketing practices increasingly shifting to online services. Moreover, this section encompasses the positive evolution of customer satisfaction performance.
  • Business Risks and Opportunities”: AXA’s ESG integration process - both in the investment and the insurance sides of our business – are assessed positively. For instance, our underwriting processes include an analysis of ESG risks.
  • Human Capital Development”: AXA improved significantly in this section reflecting the constant efforts and achievements of the Group in terms of employee training and professional development.
  • Financial Inclusion”: In 2016, AXA launched an Emerging Customers initiative dedicated to developing and distributing specific offers to protect the rising middle class in emerging countries. AXA notably increased its stake in MicroEnsure, a leading micro-insurance specialist in Asia and Africa.
Jad Ariss
Former Head of Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility

Since 2006 when AXA was first rated by RobecoSAM, our performance has increased by 23 points, reflecting the growing importance of Corporate Responsibility (CR) in our Group’s strategy. Throughout the years, CR has increasingly been integrated into our business processes, as well as in our interactions with all our stakeholders. We believe this contributes to AXA’s growth, profitability, brand and human capital development, while addressing environmental and societal concerns. The 2017 score is the result of the collective efforts of AXA’s entities and professional families, which drove it to the second place in the global insurance sector.

In 2016, AXA revised and restructured the Sustainability Index it has used internally for assessing the sustainability performance of its local entities since 2010. The AXA Sustainability Index is based on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index’s criteria. Since 2010, this tool has been sent to most of AXA entities so that they can assess their performance. This process and its results are fully disclosed in the 2016 Integrated Report.

AXA's historical DJSI performance

Besides the DJSI, AXA is also present in other ESG Indices: FTSE4 Good, Euronext Vigeo (World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120, France 20, Ethibel Sustainability), MSCI, Oekom, Sustainalytics and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

*RobecoSAM conducts an annual analysis of the sustainability performance of more than 2,000 companies covering the major indices. The annual assessment is based on a questionnaire supported by extensive company documentation complemented by an additional analysis of media coverage, stakeholder commentaries and other publicly available sources. The questionnaire features about 100 questions on economic, environmental and social issues with a focus on industry-specific criteria that have a material impact on long-term value creation. The results underpin the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) as well as RobecoSAM's investment needs. Being included in the DJSI is also an incentive to continually benchmark and improve sustainability performance.
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