AXA & Connected Devices: opportunities to strengthen our protection mission

Fifty billion objects are expected to be connected by 2017, ranging from smartphones to fitness armbands to cars. The Internet Of Things will transform health, homes, cars, and more. How is AXA working to leverage these new technologies and better protect its customers? ALL ARTICLES  |  Innovation
Apr 23, 2015

AXA Drive Coach, an innovative contribution to safer driving, now on Apple Watch

What do Uber, American Airlines and AXA all have in common? They are among the first companies to release an app on the brand new - and much awaited - Apple Watch on April 24.

AXA Drive Coach is a mobile application available for all drivers to help them analyze, understand and improve their driving behavior and style - and our teams worked hard to make it available as of the very first days of the Apple Watch.

Frédéric Tardy
Chief Marketing, Digital, Data & Customer Officer of AXA Asia

We strongly believe that leveraging innovative digital tools is key today in efficiently engaging people to promote road safety, as these tools significantly raise their awareness of potentially risky driving habits.

Homes: at the heart of the internet of things revolution

AXA in France aims to create a smart home hub by partnering with award-winning connected device manufacturers for better protection against intrusions, fire, floods, gas leaks, pollution, and so on.

Among the first manufacturers approached:

A sensor, camera and alarm to detect intrusion attempts

An entry-level Wi-Fi camera to monitor your home remotely

Philips Hue
A connected LED light bulb that can be controlled remotely

Orange My Plug
A smart plug with connected smoke & water leakage sensors

Later in 2015, the mobile application My AXA should be able to control all these devices remotely from a single interface. And a future offer will be coupled with AXA Assistance in order to send help if an emergency is detected.

Meanwile, AXA in France is preparing as of now for a future of connected devices, partnering with Microsoft to launch the Zone 61 Challenge, a hackathon dedicated to the "Internet of Things". A variety of ideas were highlighted, ranging from the connected greenhouse to the management of coffee capsules to safety-related connected objects for preventing elderly dehydration or fire risks.

In Belgium, Since February 23, AXA has been offering the Nest Protect: smoke + carbon monoxide alarm to its customers as part of a broader initiative to increase awareness and adoption of fire safety products among the Belgian population. Belgium has one of the highest rates of domestic fire injuries in Europe. The partnership is the next step in redesigning prevention.

Health: connected devices enabling to be better protected

Health Keeper by AXA is an innovative health service/platform (app + web) launched in Spain in January 2015. Health Keeper users can keep track of all their activities, check their trends, set challenges for themselves, get useful content on health, access a 24/7 medical helpline, and buy medical and well-being services at special rates.

The concept

  • A global monitoring dashboard of the user's activity is displayed on the Health Keeper platform.
  • By interacting with the platform, sharing their activity, users earn Fitpoints.
  • Fitpoints open up access to health or wellness services, either for free (such as the 24/7 medical help line) or on "'pay per use" basis, with a discount based on the user's level of activity.

In other words, Health Keeper rewards its users for taking care of their health!

Health Keeper is currently connected with Fitbit, Jawbone & Withings. Moving forward, the Health Keeper team will be able to connect data from over 140 devices on Fitness, Routine, Nutrition, Sleep, Weight, Biometrics, and more.

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