AXA careers: a glimpse into life at AXA

What comes to your mind when you think about life at AXA? We asked our employees to share their stories of how we’re empowering people to live better lives. Hear from Mael, David, Uta, Clara, Tosin and Tai as they share their experiences of what it’s really like to work at AXA. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Sep 6, 2018

Mael and his team are supporting our customers in what are sometimes the most difficult and anxious moments in their lives. Being there when it really matters is what makes them proud every day.

For David, having two young sons has inspired him to get involved in projects that will help make our roads safer for everyone. David is one of several AXA employees around the world advising on the future of mobility, including driverless cars.

For Uta and Clara, great things happen when we bring together the smartest of minds from around the world to solve our customers’ problems together. Being part of a global community where there are no boundaries between teams and countries is something that not a lot of companies can offer.

Tosin has already taken on two completely new roles since joining AXA. Exciting but challenging all at once. Tosin is surrounded by great people who have always coached and supported him, but he’s also made the most of the many opportunities for self-development at AXA. Our best in class online learning solutions have encouraged Tosin to learn new skills in areas he’s passionate about and that will help to continue to advance his career.

Tai wanted to find new ways to support our customers. She chose to work with the team at a foundation employing people with a range of disabilities. Their experiences have helped us to develop new customer solutions, such as the Magic Eye for the blind application.

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