AXA, the first insurance brand to adopt Facebook Messenger

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Apr 11, 2016

AXA is redoubling its efforts to deliver more effective services by leveraging new technologies. Switch, AXA’s 100% digital offer for young people, is now making the Messenger application available to its customers and prospects. This application, which is well-known to Facebook users, enables AXA to interact differently with young people, by providing them with fast, personalized, one-to-one service that is fully integrated with their conversation interface.

The Messenger application was previously only available to individuals but can now be used by businesses. With more than 27 million active users per month, including 12 million who use the application daily on their smartphones, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging systems in France among the under 30s.

AXA, driving the digital revolution

AXA France is the first insurance company to partner with Facebook Messenger to improve its customer service. The Dutch airline company KLM announced its partnership with Messenger on March 30. Its customers can now receive their boarding pass or complete the full check-in process through the application.

AXA France chose to launch this new service for Switch, its offer designed for under-30 customers. An overwhelming majority of customers already use Messenger, making it the ideal product for testing the digital customer relationship management service. Messenger offers multiple benefits: it is incredibly easy to use and enables customers to keep a history of the conversation and choose where and when to manage their requests.

A Facebook Messenger account is all that is needed to start a conversation with an AXA advisor. The first time the customer connects, a “Switch” contact is automatically added to their Messenger contacts, making it easier to get in touch again. Prospects and customers can ask AXA advisors any question they want: information on products and services, documents or certificates required, follow-up to claims or a previous request, and so on. They can resume the conversation with AXA at any time on Facebook Messenger (via a smartphone, tablet, or computer).

The AXA Group also gains significantly from the improvement of its customer relationship management. Mobile technologies keep AXA close to its customers without invading their personal space and provide AXA with an effective and direct means of sharing information, through push notifications.

Nicolas Moreau
Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA France (2010 - 2016)

We are delighted to be building a long-term partnership with Facebook. Now, with Messenger, we have reached a new level in our relationships with customers. We must respond to their needs and habits as closely as possible to best support them on a daily basis.

AXA is proud to be supporting Facebook, as it redefines what its Messenger application can offer, and to be right at the heart of digital innovation.

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