September 25, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: fostering trust through research

How can we ensure data security and privacy for all at a time of democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How can we adapt a relevant ethical and regulatory framework vis à vis this technological revolution? How can we increase algorithm transparency? Around the world, researchers are working on these issues and raise, more broadly, the question of trust. In order to share the latest thinking on this fundamental subject, the AXA Research Fund has dedicated its latest Research Guide to AI and Trust.
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Discover the Research Guide on Artificial Intelligence:
Ensuring data security and privacy

How can we ensure data security and privacy in a world where the use of data is increasing?

Tailoring the ethical and regulatory framework

How can we adapt ethical rules and legislation to AI developments while innovations in the field continue to accelerate?

Strengthening accountability through transparency

How can we ensure the auditability and transparency of code, which is the only way to guarantee the legal responsibility of Artificial Intelligence?