Are you listening to nature's distress call?

AXA is making a commitment to the climate with a campaign to raise public awareness of climate change, hinging on several concrete initiatives taken by AXA to reduce climate risks. How about you? Have you heard nature's cry for help? ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Dec 2, 2015

COP21 began on November 30, 2015, with one aim: to reach a new international agreement on climate, applicable to all, to keep global warming below 2°C. The private sector has an important role. Many of the changes being discussed in Paris will have to be implemented by the private sector. In this respect, private companies - working with the public sector - can be a force for positive change.

When nature sends us an SOS

To mark the start of COP21, AXA is launching an awareness campaign with a strong message: Nature is sending us an SOS message...Let's pledge not to ignore it. In these short videos, AXA acts as the voice for nature and shares its determination to answer the distress call. The goal of this campaign is to promote public awareness of climate issues and emphasise the urgency of the situation.

Video n°1

Vidéo n° 2

Vidéo n° 3

Vidéo n° 4

AXA's People Protectors respond

The 100% mobile campaign is being promoted on Facebook via the AXA People Protectors page. It targets a young, active population, who are involved in today's and tomorrow's challenges. The AXA People Protectors page already has 1.7 million members; on a daily basis, the community is active in sharing innovative initiatives on protecting people and the environment.

AXA Group is already at work

The Group has made commitments to reduce climate risks through:

  • its prevention initiatives, such as its partnership with the NGO CARE,
  • its support to research: the AXA Research Fund supports over 150 researchers projects on climate and environmental risks,
  • the development of solutions: in May, at the Climate Finance Day, Henri de Castries made strong commitments including green investments and coal disinvestment.

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