• The AXA Sponsorship Tandem, our development program for women, was recognized as a Best Practice by the leading global organization Catalyst. With this initiative, we identify the most talented women within each business unit and prepare them for senior management roles with the sponsorship of the local Executive Committee. Additionally, we have a focused approach to develop our high potential female senior women for Global Executive positions.
  • WoMen@AXA is our global Employee Resource Group for the women and the men of AXA with an objective to foster the professional development of women. The network serves as a platform for discussing gender balance issues as well as developing ideas to help women, but eventually everyone, in their professional development.
  • Every year we bring together over 100 talented women and men across AXA for a Women's Conference, at our headquarters in Paris, giving them opportunities:
    - to network;
    - to share experiences as well as focus on strategic discussions on inclusion both from an employee and customer perspective.
Gaëlle Olivier
Chief Executive Officer of AXA Global P&C

For me, Diversity and Inclusion is about building an environment where everybody can fulfill themselves, can feel confident that they can contribute in an open-minded and respectful spirit. I have been working at AXA for the past 16 years, half of which in Asia. Along the way, while developing myself I have grown my family and, together with my husband, we are doing our best to raise our four kids.
On numerous occasions I have been very fortunate that AXA has given me a chance and has put me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to demonstrate and further grow my capabilities. It is a real privilege to be working in a learning organization and although we are not yet where we want to be in terms of D&I, there is a clear recognition of the need for it and we have made tremendous progress over the past years.
D&I is about transforming an organization into a living body: with soul and passion!

Senior Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer, AXA US

I worked for AXA US for five years before spending over two decades with other companies. Now, I have returned to work at a'new' AXA U.S. - one that is progressive in its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion for sound business and ethical reasons. Sharon, COO of AXA US, and I serve on the US Executive Committee with a team of leaders who recognize the authority women have in their families' financial decisions and the expertise they bring to the workplace. I am grateful for the partnership and enthusiasm of colleagues across the enterprise.

The first step on our journey of diversity and inclusion (D&I) was to establish a robust structure and working model.
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