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Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution teams work in a variety of fields and fill a wide range of positions.
The Distribution team is in charge of analysing client needs and solvency, defining sales targets and organising training and seminars with the sales force.
The Sales team sells bank and insurance products to our customers, either directly or through an intermediary.

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Due to the broad scope of our business, there are a thousand and one ways you can work with us, depending on your personal goals. Whether you are new to the insurance field, have a few years of experience, are looking to start and run your own business or are seeking to supplement your regular income, you are sure to find a role that suits your personality and career aspirations.

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For Distribution:
Do you have a strong sense of service and the ability to skip rapidly from one topic to another? Do you have an appetite for challenge and a knack with people? Do you put your analytical and problem-solving skills to work to implement operational action plans? Explore our job opportunities!

For Sales:
Are you skilled in sales management? Are you an open, sociable person with a knack for building trust? Consumer psychology holds no secrets for you? You have an appetite for challenge and know how to handle objections? Join us!

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Yusuke, Distribution Transformation Manager

Internal reporter
Internal reporter
Assistant Manager Corporate Sales Promotion Department, AXA Life Japan
Yusuke Mori
Assistant Manager Corporate Sales Promotion Department, AXA Life Japan