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Risk is the raw material of an insurance company. In connection with our multiple global business lines, risk management plays a strategic role in determining the level of risk that is acceptable, which is the ultimate guarantor of long-term profitability and corporate viability.

AXA uses the very latest techniques, such as big data analysis and natural disaster models, and develops its own internal model to accurately assess risks.

Our operational, financial and insurance risk management system ranks among the best in the world, according to Standard & Poor's.

Your role

On the team, you will be responsible for:
- identifying, analysing, anticipating and quantifying all internal and external risks, from operational risks to product and financial risks to natural disasters and emerging risks.
- understanding and managing the risks borne in optimal fashion
- promoting a risk culture through the use of adapted tools and programs.

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Do you have excellent analytical skills, good knowledge of the business and a degree in actuarial science, statistics or an equivalent area? Explore our job opportunities!

Chief Risk Officer, Bangkok, Thailand

Having begun in Australia as an actuarial graduate 11 years ago, I really have had a fulfilling and exciting journey at AXA. The combination of great bosses (more like coaches), mentors, rotations, support for professional study and training, and working with practitioners recognized as world leaders in risk management, have all contributed to where I am today. I have recently taken on the role of Chief Risk Officer at AXA Insurance in Thailand. The foundations laid in my actuarial, risk, corporate governance and business development experiences across Australia, Paris (Group HQ) and Hong Kong (Asia HQ), are really coming in handy in my first role as an Executive at AXA. It is real proof of AXA’s belief that risk management is at the heart of our business.

In response to the constant evolution of actuarial science, AXA created a Risk Professional College with a team of international academics and members of the executive leadership team serving as faculty members. Together, they keep our teams up to speed on the latest advances in risk management, hedging and dynamic hedging.