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Find out the missions and profiles corresponding to each of our job areas


Do you have a passion for numbers and want to play a strategic role in the success of our business, both today and in the future? discover

Asset management

Our investment professionals manage the assets of the AXA Group and those of third-party clients, including institutional and retail investors. discover

Claims management

The Claims teams are there to support our customers at all stages of their lifecycles. discover


Our communications teams are brimming with a rich assortment of skills – in social networks, publication, events organization, press relations and video – to meet the amazing diversity and complexity of our company’s challenges. discover


By developing standards based on exemplary practices and ethical behaviour, the Compliance teams serve as the guardians of our position of leadership. discover

Data Science

Our Data Scientist team is made up of experts in big data management and analysis. Dedicated to studying and processing data, the team holds a pivotal role in AXA for its wide-ranging contributions. discover


At AXA, our Finance teams contribute to the success of the organisation by ensuring current and long term profitability. discover

Human resources

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time: that’s the topmost objective of our HR team. discover

Information technology

Information Technology teams design and implement the right tools and applications to interact with our customers: the latest mobile, digital and social insurance products. discover

Internal audit

In this job, one is able to gain a 360 degree panoramic view of insurance via regular contacts with managers and executives. discover


As a legal professional, AXA offers you one of the most global and varied environments for your career. Across the AXA network, our lawyers experience a rich variety of work. discover


The mission of marketing is to generate customer centricity throughout the organization in order to deliver superior customer experience across all touch points. discover

Operational excellence

The Operational excellence Teams aim at accelerating the execution of strategic transformation initiatives, acting as change agents in the organization. discover


Our Procurement teams play a key role for our internal clients and apply their expertise to a large diversity of projects. discover

Product development

The Product development teams drive the product creation process by integrating information related to client needs and cost coverage risks, and ensure their profitability over time. discover

Risk management

Risk management plays a strategic role in determining the level of risk that is acceptable, which is the ultimate guarantor of long-term profitability and corporate viability. discover

Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution teams work in a variety of fields and fill a wide range of positions. discover

Strategy and Corporate Responsibility

Our Strategy & Sustainability teams’ calling is to understand how the insurance market is evolving in today’s societies. discover


Collaborating closely with the Risk Management, Sales & Distribution and Product Development teams, the Underwriting teams have a key role in the organization. discover