Committed to a company culture based on trust and achievement, AXA wants to give everyone the chance to grow, to find opportunities to reach their personal potential, and to develop constructive and rewarding relationships.

Every year, AXA carries out an internal survey in order to measure the level of commitment of its employees, all over the world. This survey considers the responses and enables us to identify areas where improvements are necessary. We listen to the opinions of our employees in order to improve their daily life and their satisfaction.

AXA is committed to promoting an open working environment:

AXA promotes a working space that fosters openness and in which employees are treated with respect, encouraged to develop their initiatives, and where individual differences are valued.

We are engaged around four major pillars:
With our long term vision of having a more gender balanced workforce, several programs and policies exist to develop female talent providing them with an empowering environment and opportunities for career advancement.
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AXA is committed towards fostering a culture that enables every employee to bring their whole selves to work.
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AXA has developed programs centered on partnerships with universities and non-profit organizations, awareness programs, employee resource groups and several other talent engagement and retention initiatives for employees with a disability.
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AXA is an integral part of a changing society. With an aging population and growing senior workforce, evolving family models and structures as well as rising youth unemployment, AXA needs to be flexible to ensure we are inclusive of the full gamut of society's components and talents. It is important to learn from the strengths that each generation...
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We are committed to our communities thanks to AXA Hearts in Action, AXA Research Fund and through our partnership with Care.
The Group's worldwide sponsorship organisation, AXA Hearts in action, is the spearhead of our employees' involvement in charity work. In 2014, 77,062 volunteers took part in events to support the socially excluded, to protect the environment or to promote risk education.

Michael Pfäffli
AXA Winterthur

I want to reconcile family life and my career. At AXA, I can be a Manager and work part-time.

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AXA is committed to promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by creating a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect and where individual differences are valued.
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