Supporting new way of working

By providing more agile working solutions, AXA optimizes the cross-generational expertise in an innovative and fun way. The agile working model has options for different generations ranging from a very traditional '9am to 5pm work hours' approach to the very millennial 'anytime, anywhere' work ethic. As a best practice at AXA Belgium, 1000 employees have recently moved to an entirely new work environment which is more flexible and agile adopting the NWoW (New World of Work) concept.

Strengthening the link between youth and senior professionals

In 2013, AXA in France signed the Generational Contract and works towards integrating the youth into the workforce as well as retaining talented senior professionals. The one week discovery program gives young professionals an opportunity to know more about the insurance sector.

Facing youth unemployment in Europe

We are proud to be a member of the Alliance for Youth, a strategic initiative launched by Nestlé, a joint program with other leading global organizations aimed at improving youth employability across Europe.

On the digital front...

AXA is the first European insurance company to co-operate with LinkedIn globally and this collaboration helps identify and recruit key talent across all generations on a global basis which is an essential building block in AXA's digital transformation. Similarly AXA has a strategic partnership with Facebook to develop its digital, social and mobile footprint.

Facing digital transformation, AXA has developed a reverse mentoring program which enables senior executives to learn more about new working trends in digital from digital natives.

Head of Operations, Life Retail Business Unit, AXA Belgium

Diversity is about respecting others for who they are. It is also about allowing a variety of lifestyles to be compatible with a productive work time. At AXA Belgium we may work- time and place- independent in a culture of trust and achievement. In my department everybody is entitled to two teleworking days per week. We do not meet early or late. Parenting is made easier. Performance has never been better. Today and in the future, AXA is making every effort at all levels in the organization to be truly agile.

Social Media Manager, AXA Group, France

I'm in charge of Social Media for the Group. Being involved in the Reverse Mentoring Program is a wonderful opportunity to explain the role that social media plays in reinforcing the relation between the company and its clients, and as a communication channel. It's also a personal challenge as this entails training a Group Senior Manager every two weeks over a one-hour period. This is a challenge I'm glad to rise to.