Head of Salesforce Guild

Experience level Experienced Hire
Job details sector Information Technology



The head of salesforce guild in a nutshell should:

  • Define and steer our overall Salesforce IT strategy, along with the architecture team, the CIOs with Salesforce based assets and the AXA Group Technology office
  • Coordinate, animate and manage a guild of ~50 Salesforce experts
  • Setup the overall governance to actively govern the Salesforce landscape
  • Steer a global Salesforce Design Authority
  • Contribute, actively and for all the Salesforce landscape, to maximise the business value, reduce implementation costs, create synergies between the teams and propose innovative solutions/use cases
  • Contribute to the local deployment of Salesforce based assets
  • Manage the relationship with Salesforce and solutions providers and prepare the corresponding steering committees


The position is a transversal one encompassing all AXA Partner’s Central Salesforce Organization service European, American, and eventually META region.

The head of salesforce guild will actively work with the different business units, corresponding CIOs and with local markets to help them beneficiate from global Salesforce based solutions in order to simplify AXA Partner’s global landscape.


  • Steer Design and Implementation of Salesforce Solutions
  • Ensuring that all Salesforce Standards are respected, and solutions are coherent with the AXA Partners’ target architecture
  • Govern and monitor the specific development to keep it at a minimum and maintainable, reducing technical debt.
  • Document tradeoffs and help building the business case around them.
  • Works with IT Departments Leadership and Technology partners to establish a technology plan and roadmap
  • Create and maintain with his/her team a catalog of AXA Partner’s reusable Salesforce building blocs
  • Actively ensure Landscape/Salesforce organisation simplification occurs throughout
  • Help End to end features to be distributed/ integrated according to the target architecture principles
  • Provides strategic consultation to Senior Management Team, to Projects and implementing tribes
  • Conduct Quality assurance report, manage and follow up consequent action plan.
  • Monitor and help team optimize usage of Governor limits
  • Steer the relationship with Salesforce and implementation partners
  • Propose new innovative solutions/use cases enabled by Salesforce
  • Coordinate, animate and manage a guild of ~50 Salesforce experts
  • Contribute to the deployment of Agile practices on all squads in charge of Salesforce based assets

Technical/ Functional Knowledge

  • Proven delivery record
  • Extensive Working knowledge of Salesforce Service and Sales. Knowledge of Salesforce Marketing is a plus.
  • Proven track record of implementation and design of successful Salesforce Solution in an International matrix organization, in a technical and/or functional leadership role
  • Experience as a Salesforce Architect on Enterprise scale projects, delivering a significant number of solutions with Salesforce products your primary focus
  • Experience with enterprise architecture, master data management, integration patterns
  • Strong ability to synthesize technology solution for a problem
  • Proven ability to analyse, design, and optimize business processes via technology and integration
  • Salesforce certifications are a plus.

Soft skills

  • Strong leadership capabilities.
  • Exceptional service orientation and customer-oriented mind set.
  • Capability to federate teams in a multicultural and distant environment.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changes in the evolution of the business.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Exceptionally self-motivated and results oriented.
  • Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Strategic vision
  • Strong communication and influencing skills
  • Team spirit, Innovation, pragmatism and professionalism.
  • Ability to motivate in a team-oriented, collaborative environment

Education, Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • Master’s degrees of Computer Science or engineering
  • Certified Salesforce System Architect
  • Minimum 5 years implementing Salesforce Solution



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