Engineering Excellence Lead (F/M)

Experience level Experienced Hire
Job details sector Information Technology


The Group Engineering Excellence team works within the Technology Office to promote modern and software engineering practices within AXA on all the three pillars of Engineering Excellence: people, standards & collaboration in close collaboration with Group Emerging Technologies & Data.

The Engineering Excellence team, together with the global & local Software Engineering Communities, CTO/Chief Architects community & OpCo’s engineering representatives, will define & maintain the AXA Engineering Standards aligned with other transversal initiatives and current market practices. In parallel of establishing these standards, the team will actively promote collaborative models and support Inner / Open Source initiatives across the group and engage with both internal and external communities of practice (CoP).

This role is both hands-on, software engineering community and events leading & organization and actively supporting AXA entities on raising their Software Engineering maturity in any of the pillars.


• Help deliver the AXA Engineering Standards and play an active role on its governance together with the AXA Software Engineering Communities. Actively contribute to keep these standards up-to-date and aligned to market trends.
• Align several stakeholders to defined these standards and discuss / valdiate them with chief architects / CTOs, with relevant other parties (legal, security, ...) and with the engineers across the organisation.
• Collaborate with other areas of the Technology Office: architecture, security, identity, network, workplace, … to identify the current issues for software engineers and software engineering in general and define how to solve or mitigate them.
• Identify local or global knowledge gaps and define training material, either internal or third-party, for software engineers to address these gaps.
• Create & iterate the Software Engineering Vision for AXA.
• Ensure new software development activities are consistent with the defined guidelines and challenge activities not aligned with them. Align with local architecture review boards and global architecture review boards to include & maintain AXA Software Engineering Standards on their context.
• Adopt a hands-on position when required to build technical demonstrations and examples and co-develop them with other engineers.


Activites realted to Engineering Excellence and Communities & Collaboration Models
• Lead & animate the global AXA Software Engineering Community. Making sure there is enough content – internal & external, it is relevant to AXA and it is aligned with market trends.
• Engage with local & transversal software development communities within AXA and seek for collaboration opportunities between them.
• Play an active role on the AXA Open Source Program definition and governance.
• Understand the benefits, risks and implications of inner / open source models and advocate them to other AXA entities through their software development communities.
• Identify projects to inner / open source across the organization and support their development teams to do so. Encourage collaborating models whenever makes sense and it is possible.
• Promote & maintain the inner / open source guidelines and process to provide a simple framework for those entities that are willing to share.
• Lead and organize local and global engineering events together with other teams and external support (if applicable).
• Evaluate the current software engineering maturity level of all AXA entities and jointly define & iterate the future vision. Support development teams on the adoption of the defined guidelines & standards and raise their maturity on their weaker points.
• Help identifying global software engineering issues across the company and prioritize those with maximum global impact.
•  Co-develop internal tools, scripts, dashboards to help visualize data or promote discoverability of inner-source and shared projects.
•  Help identify trainings & learnings for engineers across the company.
•  Act as a bridge between other communities such as One Security, Digital Sustainability & Accessibility/Kaledoiscope and identify & promote software engineering topics.


Proficiency (years of experience)

  • 5+ years in the job
  • 10+ in the domain

Managerial skills:

  • Networking Leadership
  • Transforming & Execution leadership

Technical skills:

  • Digital agility and tools
  • DevOps basics
  • Cloud platforms & environment

Transversal skills:

  • Change & syakeholder management
  • Listening & communicating
  • Collaborative working

Other skills:

  • Community management
  • Software collaborative models
  • S-SDLC process
  • Full stack development concepts
  • Design thinking & open minded

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