DevOps Engineer

Experience level Early Careers
Job details sector Information Technology

AXA Group Operations (GO) have vacancies to join their Manila based DevOps team. These positions will be filled by young, dynamic self-starters, who can work/learn as part of a team and be individual contributors. No experience of DevOps is required as a defined training part will be followed by joining members. Of course, it helps to show your keenness by being prepared to discuss your understanding of what DevOps is and why organisations rate it so highly. Knowing some characteristics of the teams involved (right) would be great! 



What does that mean?? During your studies you would have encountered the dreaded Waterfall method of software development…..well, those days are gone! Being Agile is a mindset, a different way of approaching development and deployment of software. Think of your cell phone and the number of updates your apps receive each month. This is agile software development at work! Why wait months to create new features and release those in one-hit when you can release them as they become available and keep increasing your revenue stream. You must think Agile to stay ahead of your competitors!  



What is CI/CD? This is where Google and YouTube can help you with some high-level guides to enlighten you! There are literally 100’s of tools you can employ to assist CI/CD. You will get the chance to use cutting-edge, industry leading tools and to be expert in those soon. 



Your path to DevOps enlightenment will be guided by experts in the field. Being a temporary member of different teams is a key tenant of DevOps. To understand how other teams work is key to your DevOps success. Within your first year you will have exposure to tools which your college friends will be waiting years to be trusted with. You will hit the ground running.


  • Most important is for you to be keen and a self-starter.  

  • Basic programming knowledge – hopefully Javascript, Java, some scripting languages (python, etc). 

  • Basic understanding of: 

  • Waterfall vs Agile 

  • What DevOps is and the teams involved 

  • CI/CD Pipeline 

  • Fluent in English 



For competency in this domain you must demonstrate your potential in these Soft skills: 

  • Team-oriented working skills  

  • Written and verbal communication skills  

  • Reasoning and problem-solving skills  

  • Ability to work effectively and manage time without supervision  

  • Ability to respond to customer requirements  

  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and take action  


These are some Technical skills we want you to achieve with us: 

  • Understanding of security issues affecting computer systems, networks, databases, and applications  

  • Deploying and handling environments in cloud platforms  

  • Utilizing Continuous Monitoring tools  

  • Setting up continuous integration and continuous delivery  

  • Collecting and analyzing logs  

  • Security and performance monitoring and tuning  

  • Building and managing web frameworks  

  • Releasing deployment packages  

  • Automating systems and tasks  

  • Performing risk, performance, and security assessments  

  • Reviewing and developing performance and capacity plans (operational capacity based on load requirements)  

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We are looking for talented individuals who come from varied backgrounds, think differently and want to be part of this exciting transformation by challenging the status quo so we can push AXA - a leading global brand and one of the most innovative companies in our industry - onto even greater things.

In a fast-evolving world and with a presence in 57 countries, our 160,000 employees anticipate change to offer services and solutions tailored to the current and future needs of our 108 million customers.

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  • High-Performing Global Team for stronger partnerships with AXA entities 

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