IT Program Manager (Home&Motor)

Experience level Experienced Hire
Job details sector Information Technology

AXA is a global leader in financial protection, representing nearly 100 billion Euros worth of turnover. AXA Partners, launched in Sept 2015, is a new business unit dedicated to developing AXA’s partnership business that makes up ~10% of the AXA business globally. The mission of AXA partners is to design, implement and manage relationships with selected global partners and support AXA entities to develop successful local partnerships.

AXA Partners “Focus & Transform strategy” is shaping Global Operations’ strategic ambition: “bringing simplicity and enforcing transversality, breaking down silos, to succeed in providing a superior customer experience in line with our Customer2020 ambition”.

Global Operations has 3 strategic priorities:

• Reposition AXA Partners as the Preferred Business Partner

• Boost AXA Partners to become an Agile Global Organization

• Mature AXA Partners as a Safe, Secure and Resilient company

“Becoming a tech-led company” is one of the 8 strategic enablers and Information and Technology will play a continuously increasing role to help AXA Partners achieve its transformation.

Service & Assistance Business Unit is composed of 3 Business Lines : Motor, Home and Health.

Motor & Home have started their transformation journey in 2018. Objective is to accelerate, enhance, and simplify our business to reach our ambition of becoming a partner of choice by improving competitiveness and creating an excellent experience for our Customers, Partners & People.

We are shifting from a model with specific legacy systems in each country to a model with global assets :

  • eCare : Salesforce Case Management System is the backbone for the case management process & the front-end for agents, to manage end-to-end assistance journey.
  • Omnichannel & CTI       : Communication channels are designed to  be transversal for all BLs.
  • ICVC : Individual policy search engine.
  • Computable Contracts : Contract modelling tool that  allows coverage check automation.
  • Diagnostic questionnaire modelling tool to provide accurate customer management.
  • PRM : Master database to store partners rules and partners data required for case handling.
  • CPO : Search, select and assign the right provider (right place & right price) on an assistance case.
  • e-Pro : Network management tool, which build and maintain the overall network of providers.
  • Easy territory : Provider network zoning and geographical coverage management  tool.
  • eRescue & HereWithYou : Combination of web app and SMS notifications that enable digital motor emergency case management up to missioning with location functionality.
  • Geolocate me : Motor web app enabling the customer to be geolocated with an SMS sent by the agent.
  • Home Manager : Home  web app to provide transparency to end customers on service execution by provider
  • E-commerce : multi channel solution to manage sales for assistance products or services  for on-demand services.
  • Data : Manage glossary, quality rules & the enterprise reference data. Gather, structure & leverage data from various sources. Compute KPI for operations monitoring.

And we are shifting as well to an agile and DevOps model. In this context, we are looking for a Program Manager dedicated to Motor & Home

Key Responsibilities

  1. Define the ambition of the program in relation with the company strategic objectives
  2. Ability to influence stakeholders to reach program objectives (lead change management)
  3. Manage the overall program’s budget, progresses, risks and issues and take corrective measurements
  4. Coordinate of all IT & Business teams involved within the program (different functional domains, companies, entities and departments) to assure seamless deployment; stakeholders management

Ultimately responsible to deliver the Program ambition and savings / benefits.



Skills and Experience

  • 15 years of experience including 5 years in large / international program management (multi millions of programs covering several countries).
  • Both strategic and practical / hands on approach to deliver concrete results and to structure the environment in the way that is necessary to drive actions
  • Strong business acumen especially in insurance / assistance
  • English - Fluent mandatory
  • Communication skills at various levels of hierarchy / seniority levels / countries / cultures: tailor communication to varying audiences, quickly incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Ability to steer groups over which he/she has no formal authority: Business Line Stakeholders, Group Professional Families, Experts, Communities, etc. - in multiple countries
  • Change leadership, promote and drive profound organizational changes
  • Able to work and get results in international teams with no hierarchical structures
  • Ability to deal with very different personalities at various hierarchy / seniority levels and various organizations / countries / cultures: tailor communication to varying audiences, quickly incorporate feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Expert on Agile methodologies / frameworks
  • Strong financial background


AXA Group is the world leader in insurance and asset management. We protect and advise our clients at every step in their lives, by offering products and services which satisfy their needs in the areas of insurance, personal protection, saving and asset management. AXA is the leading insurance brand worldwide, with over 100 million clients. We are transforming from payer to partner for our client, with a strong focus on risk prevention.

Our mission: Empower people to live a better life.

Our values: Customer First, Courage, Integrity and One AXA.

AXA Partners is an AXA transversal business unit offering a wide range of solutions in assistance services, travel insurance and credit protection.

AXA Partners’ role is also to implement innovative solutions emerging from the AXA Innovation unit.

Our mission is to help our Corporate clients to enrich their customers’ experience, with more than 9,000 employees at their service anywhere, anytime.

By joining AXA Partners, you will work in a responsible company, which offers a real culture of expertise & diversity. Our focus is on accelerating the development of everyone’s skills, whilst offering attractive and competitive compensation and opportunities for professional development and growth.


Additionally, at AXA, we work to make a real difference to people - when amazing things happen and when we create opportunities for a better life, the feeling of pride is extraordinary.