Transversal Service Owner

Experience level Experienced Hire
Job details sector Information Technology


The Distributed products team is accountable of the full lifecycle of the Infrastructure backend, OS and DB global products, including Patterns and the whole Ecosystem toolset (Monitoring, Patch/Conf Management, License Mngt, File Transfer, etc.) AXA GO needs to deliver to manage VM with the right level of QoS and Security, on Premise or in the Cloud (IaaS). Moving to the Cloud, Distributed Product is also accountable to migrate existing local Technical Services to Global solutions in the right target location in alignment with the Network and DC strategy while decommissioning former legacy.



The Transversal Service Owner is responsible for the End to End Quality of Service (QoS) and Transversal Products IPC for OS & Patterns/tools/Active Directory Global products, ensuring:

  • The Move to Run of the set of global products, securing all the related services readiness before moving global products to Production mode and distributing within the Group
    • The Day-by-Day TOM execution for the global products in Run mode, focus on IPC and SLA, securing QoS (as-is mode and improvement mode where necessary)
    • The Operational Governance with the defined stakeholders and an effective communications with them



  •  Product setup:

The TSO is responsible to secure the readiness of the services and platform, clearly reporting the status to PM and Execs, managing remediation plan where needed.

The TSO cooperates with Product Manager (PM) to secure that all the services setup are done before moving one GP to production mode: CTO validation, Security validation, DPO validation, Levels 1-2-3-4 readiness, platforms readiness, TOM readiness, GSC processes readiness, Costs & Revenues defined and secured.


  • Service Delivery and Operations

The TSO is fully accountable to :

  • Deliver the expected QoS in line with defined SLA and TOM documentation. Define continuous QoS improvement action plan. Keep the TOM up-to-date.
  • Ensure that the GP platform is proactively monitored and that the TOM includes the monitor/alert/reaction service.
  • Ensure professional communication to all the Stakeholders for any operational key information.
  • Ensure efficient relay with all the TSO/SO community, with specific focus on Market for OpCo professional relationships  and communications.
  • Secure IPC processes are properly setup and operated, with internal organizations (Market, Products, GSC) and third parties (Cap, MS, IBM, Vmware, etc.)
  • Manage moments of crisis engaging, coordinating required SMEs, and managing Exec communications.
  • Where needed, ensure license consumption is monitored and regularized.
  • Specific 3rd party service management governance securing SLA and contract execution


  • Service Governance and Stakeholder Management

 The TSO is fully accountable to: 

  • Stakeholder management and communications on its perimeter
  • Report on the service performance and metrics (availability, incidents, volumes, usage, etc.)
  • Drive Service Delivery Governance with Markets


  • Continuous Global Products evolution and OpCos On-Boarding

The TSO cooperates with PM for securing TOM effectiveness at any GP evolution and at any new OpCo onboarding. Main focus on: Move to Run gates review, platform capacity, governance and communication flows update.




1. Functional knowledges

Service management oriented with the accountability of Global Service Delivery responsibility for Backend Infrastructure – (virtualization, compute & storage).

Representing the product as SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for operational impediments, any market related escalations to the product and QoS topic in relationships with GSC. escalation point for ICP issues. Real experience in Project or Program Management but also in standardization, globalization and transformation to a product organization.


2. Management or leadership activities 

Collaborate to the transformation of operational service to GSC. Ensure good coordination with Products Managers and Services Owners. Responsible for KPI/SLA reports delivery


3. Impacts on teams, businesses or AXA GO 

Foster global mindset inside the team but also within Product community. Foster an added-value customer service. Consider customer needs and reactions when evaluating effort and trade-off decisions. Focus on providing a positive experience to customers. Ensure people skill evolution (product, standardization, globalization).


4. Technical proficiency

General knowledge in IT and Datacenter architectures, from infrastructure layer to middleware, web architecture, identity management, authentication and security principles. Strong background in Agile methodology (Scrum or Kanban).


5. Stakeholder management

Ensure right relationships with Market, GSC and entities to ensure smooth end to end collaboration on service delivery of product including run (IPC) activities. 



  • About 7 years of experience in the domain.
  • About 5 years of experience in a similar position.



  • Empowering team members
  • Networking leadership
  • Transforming & Execution leadership
  • Promoting innovation
  • Vision & Strategic thinking


  • Audit (Internal/External)
  • Change & stakeholder management
  • Collaborative working
  • Customer oriented
  • Decision & execution


  • Agile, fast IT methods 
  • Architecture
  • Asessment & Recruitment
  • Budget Management
  • IT Products & Services environments


  • Product Management
  • Security Notion
  • DevOps/SysOps
  • Fluent in English 




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