Transformation & Change Consultant

Location SPAIN
Experience level Expérimentés
Job details sector Informatique


The Group Operations Transformation organization aims to support Group Operations in its role as a facilitator, based around innovation and implementation, via transformation and change management, HR capacities and communication:

  • ensure the success of transformation projects within the Group Operations scope, by providing resources and transformation methods to enhance their implementation and acceptance, including Agile (to be confirmed)
  • form skilled teams by anticipating evolution of the division's staff in terms of skill sets, development, fostering loyalty, mobility and motivation, with the gateway towards a range of opportunities and career pathways
  • maintain constructive and respectful dialogue with staff representatives, to support a positive outcome for the main transformation and HR strategy projects
  • involve all employees in the Group Operations division in a well-structured communication strategy, in favor of cooperation and a sense of belonging to a single, united organization, service our clients and their business activities, in an open an innovative working environment



The Transformation and Change Management supports all Group Operations business units by providing consulting capabilities to secure the delivery and ROI of their transformation projects and accelerate cultural shift towards Innovation & Execution.

Transformation and Change Management is an internal capability of about 30 consultants across several countries with specific and certified expertise in Program and Change Management, connected with innovation and external trends to support transformation from an operational and cultural point of view.

The Transformation & Change management team’s mandate is two fold:

  • For Group Operations: facilitate the access to highly skilled Transformation and Change Consultants on various countries, sourced by preference from the internal pool. Ensure efficiency through best use of available resources, consistency of practices, reuse of experiences, fit for purpose contributions and full alignment with project sponsors.
  • For Group Operations people: offer career step opportunities in transformation roles, living transversal experiences in various business fields, developing skills through training, certification and knowledge sharing among a multi-disciplinary team.


Transformation and Change Management team is organized as follows:

  • A Transformation and Change department head
  • A team manager
  • Transformation and change consultants organized in a pool of resources with various level of expertise
  • 4 Roles insured by Transformation & change consultants pool members


The Transformation and Change Consultant reports either to the department head or the team manager, depending on his/her grading.

In the context of this position, the person will report to the team manager.

The Transformation and Change Consultant has a functional reporting line to the Domain Referent who oversees the portfolio of projects for a given Division of Group Operations.

Within Transformation and Change Management team, the Transformation and Change Consultant is in charge of leading missions related to Transformation in various fields such as: reorganization, process improvement, outsourcing, scope expansion…

His/Her involvement in a transformation project can be on the Project Management side, or on the Change Management side or a mix of both; along the full cycle of the project or through punctual interventions.

His prime focus is securing the ROI of the project he/she is in charge of.



Advise on Project scoping

  • Understand context of a project and translate it in transformation challenge
  • Highlight the main points of attention
  • Propose scope of interventions and highlight value added
  • Contribute to the scoping of the intervention (time, effort, profiles)


Drive mission’s execution

  • Execute the Project or Change plan
  • Liaise with stakeholders and involve all contributors
  • Develop all applicable deliverables (PCT, Change Plan, Project schedule, Risk Logs…)
  • Drive project governance and reporting


Contribute to Project and Change and Management practices improvements

Do post mortem of projects with practice referents

  • Share with the team lessons learned from projects and best practices
  • Contribute to integrate the lessons learned into new practices
  • Do market research and share findings
  • Help onboarding of new team members


Ideal candidate must have knowledge of : 


  • Project Management (PMI or other)

  • Change Management (Prosci or other)

  • Project Financials (baselining, business case, forecast/actuals…)



  • Project Planning

  • Project execution management

  • Manage project risks Define KPIs & monitor the effectiveness of the project

  • Define & setup a pilot

  • Facilitate and animate workshop

  • Assess change, associated risks, population impacted, sponsor’s support

  • Change plan development

  • Design communication and training plan and synchronize with change activities

  • Design, describe, analyze work situations

  • Develop coaching plan and coach

  • Realize VOC, conduct survey & interviews

  • Realize benchmark

  • Coach on change Management

  • Problem identification and search root causes

  • Design and animate complex workshops

  • Project Financials (baselining, business case, forecast/actuals…)

  • Business case definition

  • Develop stakeholder map and influence strategy

  • Monitor change management plan execution

  • Realize an organizational diagnosis

  • Conduct a social-cultural diagnosis

  • Plan workforce evolution

  • Define KPI and monitor speed of adoption



  • Pragmatic, adaptive, innovative

  • Good verbal, written and visual communication

  • Customer centricity

  • Ability to make and explain recommendations

  • Capacity to contribute to team spirit and foster collaboration among team

  • Ability to operate with different cultures in English and work remotely

  • Producing & presenting documents

  • Negotiation

  • Analytical and synthetic

  • Strong transversal managerial skills, able to activate contributions from all over the organization or from outside

  • Define and animate visioning seminar

  • Negotiation with top execs

  • Take into account cultural and mindset differences

Would you like to wake up every day driven and inspired by our mission of acting for human progress by protecting what matters? Here at AXA we strive to be a responsible employer, placing employee engagement at the heart of its business strategy. Achieving this means creating a workplace built on AXA's Values that foster diversity and equal opportunities for all, promotes employee participation, encourages professional development, and supports employee well-being.

We are looking for talented individuals who come from varied backgrounds, think differently and want to be part of this exciting transformation by challenging the status quo so we can push AXA - a leading global brand and one of the most innovative companies in our industry - onto even greater things.

In a fast-evolving world and with a presence in 57 countries, our 160,000 employees anticipate change to offer services and solutions tailored to the current and future needs of our 108 million customers.

AXA is becoming a sustainable tech-led company and at AXA Group Operations we are one of the major catalysts for this transformation. 

We set the tone by triggering and empowering the evolution of our insurance business model through technology and innovation, driving its concrete implementation globally at speed, with a high quality of advisory and execution.

We are present across 17 countries with committed, highly qualified teams. We leverage technology, data, sourcing, security and investment allocation in a global way, but also achieve economies of scale and synergies when necessary.

At AXA Group Operations, we want to be recognized in three fields of action:

  • State-of-the-art Data Technology to drive customer experience
  • State-of-the-art Procurement & Sourcing to drive efficiency and better manage risks
  • High-Performing Global Team for stronger partnerships with AXA entities 

We bring together the expertise, cultural diversity and creativity of over 8,000 employees worldwide and we’re committed to equal opportunities in all aspects of employment (gender, LGBT+, disabled persons, or people of different origins) and to promoting Diversity & Inclusion by creating a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and where individual differences are valued.