Agile Transformation Coach

Experience level Experienced Hire
Job details sector Information Technology


In the context of the overall transformation of AXA Partners towards digital, efficiency, simplicity and agility, the Agile Transformation Coach is supporting and co-building an agility transformation plan covering practices, way of working and culture, and ensuring that expected impacts and benefits associated to this transformation are delivered (e.g. time to market, employee engagement…)

To achieve this transformation, the successful person will be expected to provide expert advice, best practices and coaching to teams and managers on this Agile IT & Business transformation on all its dimensions (change in the culture, organization agility, management style, way of working).

The role supports Global Operations teams from the formalization of a cultural vision to the definition of a strategy to the creation, communication and implementation of operational actions.

The role works in close collaboration with other transformation initiatives and with HR and other relevant teams (e.g. communication) in order to promote, support and anchor this culture change.



  • Promote, lead and support a cultural Transformation with a strong bias towards simplicity, agility and empowerment.
    • Drive the cultural transformation of AXA Partners in all departments: IT, Security, Customer Experience and Procurement in order to better communicate between our people, share initiatives and best practices and support them in this change
    • Bring best practices and ideas that support this program
    • Facilitate workshops in this context
    • Ensure that progress, actions and benefits are measured and shared
  • Promoting and co-building an Agile Transformation Programme which articulates a clear and compelling vision of change and a high level roadmap.
    • Build and deliver assets in support of this programme: vision, tools, communication plan
    • Facilitate workshops in the context of this programme
    • Ensure that progress, actions and benefits are measured and shared
    • Provide guidance both at local and global level
    • With support of HR and communication, promote change and communicate about the transformation
  • Proactively supporting other transformation in their Agile dimension and overall
    • Coach and support transformation in Agile dimensions
    • Provide training, workshops, assets if necessary
  • Support agile transformation in local entities to ensure global alignment and progress
    • Find the right balance of autonomy and alignment for local entities by providing guidelines, vocabulary and patterns that can be customized while keeping enough alignment
    • Raise overall awareness and knowledge of agile methods and practices
    • Ensure sharing of practices and communication, contribute to mindset and culture transformation
    • Provide support and training when appropriate
    • Suggest improvements for existing practices
    • Be aware of new market practices and experiment when possible
  • Animate a network of change agents (agile ambassadors, scrum masters, others) in the different local entities on both IT and the business side when possible
    • Ensure alignment on common goals
    • Identify and encourage communities of practices to exchange on best practices while leaving autonomy to the local teams
  • Provide training and support to ramp-up these change agents

Co-build the agile Framework for AXA Partners with change agents


  • Significant experience in agile or agile inspired transformation
  • Experience in change management in the context of transformation
  • Experience as an Agile coach or similar experience
  • Experience of working at a senior/ management level in a complex environment, managing complex transformation initiatives with a range of stakeholders
  • High level of maturity in people interface skills, working both across cultures and at various levels of the organization
  • Experience in devops and dev craftsmanship a plus

Leadership Attributes:

  • Team player: ability to think outside of the perimeter, for the common good
  • Agility: at ease with change, complexity, matrix and multicultural environments
  • Networking: strong ability to manage internal and external relationships
  • Strong results orientation is required
  • Creative and innovative thinking: capacity to quickly understand and build innovative vision and proposals
  • Demonstrate positive mindset in all situations
  • Self-awareness: ability to challenge himself/herself, seek and give feedback

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