Supporting women’s career developement

The AXA Sponsorship Tandem is our development program for women and men. With this initiative, we identify the most talented women and men within each team across the world and prepare them for senior management roles with the sponsorship of the local Executive Committee. The program offers a mix of mentoring and sponsoring, providing the exposure needed to grow within the organization. To reach our gender diversity target, this program involves a larger representation of women. At Group level, the same program is offered yearly to talented women who are paired during one year with a Group Partners member. This initiative was recognized as a Best Practice by the leading global organization Catalyst. Additionally, we have a focused approach to develop our high potential senior women for Global Executive positions.

In 2017, the Group launched the Global Executive Development Program, targeting two third of executive women as participants. This program is designated to accelerate the development of the next generations of executives.

The power of networks

WoMen@AXA is our global internal Employee Resource Group for the Women and the Men of AXA with an objective of fostering the professional development of women. The network serves as a platform for discussing gender balance issues as well as developing ideas to help women, but eventually everyone, in their professional development. Run in English, it gathers more than 2,500 members across the globe and has several local chapters which offer physical events and information sharing in other languages.

From 2013 to 2016, we brought each year over 100 talented women and men across AXA for a Women's Conference, at our headquarters in Paris, giving them opportunities:

  • to network;
  • to share experiences as well as focus on strategic discussions on inclusion both from an employee and customer perspective.
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This event was key to highlight our initiatives towards gender diversity and to engage women and men in the discussion. In 2017, we replaced the event by an Inclusion Conference to widen the scope of discussion while maintaining a large focus on gender diversity.

Reaching gender parity

On March 2018, AXA set up a new target: reaching gender parity among Group Senior Executives by 2023 and put in place a number of initiatives to achieve this ambition:

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We are requiring gender equality in recruitment processes. For each senior position, they will now be at least one man and one woman among the shortlisted applicants;

For stronger accountability, Diversity in teams, and in particular, gender balance, is now a shared goal for AXA's top executives.

They also have been requested to set up local targets for women representation at executive committee and executive level.

Tracking women’s representation

Karima Silvent
Chief Human Resources Officer

We have made significant progress these past years in terms of having more women in senior executive positions. We moved from 9% of women in senior executive positions in 2009 to 24% in 2016, 30% in 2017, and to 32% in December 2018. Now, we aim at reaching gender parity by 2023.

54 %
Women in the workforce

(Source: 2019 Annual Report)

32 %
Women among our GLN

(Global Leadership Network - our top 300 senior executives)

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Addressing women in the market

As part of the Group’s business strategy from “Payer-to-Partner”, a specific initiative "Women in Insurance" has been launched in September 2016 globally to reach to the immense women market segment for insurance, offering value-added solutions, with a strong focus on prevention and well-being.

External commitments and recognition

In 2016, AXA was awarded the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification, for its global headquarters (GIE AXA Paris), its principal business in France (AXA France) and within the 16 countries of a key worldwide center of excellence (AXA Technology Services), representing 17,500 employees. This 2-year certification recognizes AXA’s global commitments and actions in achieving and sustaining gender diversity and equality in the workplace. In 2018, AXA Investment Managers joined the AXA entities to be awarded EDGE certification. Which represents more than 2100 employees concerned by this recent certification.

In 2018, Bloomberg included AXA in its Gender Equality Index for the 2nd year in a row.
Building on its gender equality initiatives in the workplace, AXA was again listed in the 2020 Gender Equality Index. Participating in the data submission process demonstrates our commitment to transparency in gender reporting and to advancing gender equality across AXA. 

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On 10 December 2018, Thomas Buberl, Group CEO, signed the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles which promote greater equality for women in the workplace, marketplace and community and took a personal commitment to take action against gender bias, discrimination and violence by joining HeForShe, the UN global solidarity movement for gender equality.