The first step on our journey of diversity and inclusion (D&I) was to establish a robust structure and working model at Group level as well as within the entities around the world across AXA, our senior management works closely with the business to ensure that inclusion is embedded in every facet of our strategy and operations.

We have established the Group D&I Advisory Council (GDIAC) consisting of senior executives from different regions as well as members of AXA's Group Executive Committee. The council is headed by Thomas Buberl, CEO and Global Sponsor for D&I and meets several times a year to share best practices and drive the global D&I agenda.

Several AXA entities, in turn, have established local D&I Councils and committees to conduct the topic at an entity or regional level. Crucially, the country D&I Sponsors and D&I Leads are key players who are responsible for executing the D&I Strategy, learning from peers in other countries and implementing best practices from the industry.

The structure that we have in place at a global and an entity level is really the foundation for our success and with this governance in place we ensure that accountability and ownership take place at all levels within AXA.

Group Chief Actuary and Life, Savings & Health Chief Risk Officer

I'm a Tunisian who has been living and working in France for many years. I have recently been named Life Chief Risk Officer at AXA, after multiple great professional experiences which offered me a great learning path. I am proud to demonstrate that people with an Arab and Muslim background are more than happy to contribute to a value creation chain and that success is possible even for those whose first name happens to be Mohamed.
In my teams, diversity and inclusion (D&I) are considered the very basis of innovation and creativity. In today's ever-growing global world, I am also working with area schools to encourage kids to see the increasing importance of D&I as an opportunity to seize. AXA upholds this; that's why I'm here today.

Global D&I Community Manager

The AXA D&I Community consists of representatives from different entities across the world. Every entity has something unique to share on the different facets of diversity and approaches to inclusion.
Embracing the digital world, we adopt a virtual working model for most part of our work to meet, discuss and share ideas and good practices as well as work together on global projects.I have had the opportunity to manage this network for over two years and today I can confidently say that we are really one big family with each member taking ownership and working towards making AXA an inclusive workplace.
For me, it's a pleasure and a tremendous privilege to manage this community. I know that I will learn something new every day from the wonderful people with whom I interact with across the Group and truly this is one of the reasons why I just love what I do at AXA!