We all spend a massive proportion of our lives at work (37% according to a recent survey). So naturally, it’s important we have a positive environment to work in, that at once stimulates and empowers us.

Removing barriers: Our agile working environment

With this in mind, AXA is increasingly foregoing traditional office set-ups. Over 30% of our employees enjoy the benefits of an agile working environment boosting productivity and a better work/life balance. A bold initiative, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint, which has recently been extended.

It’s already proven a hit with our lucky employees in Spain, France and Belgium whose state-of-the-art, university campus-like workplace, gives the Silicon Valley a run for its money.

Desks and cubicles have given way to hot desking encouraging cross-departmental collaboration between mobile workers. The removal of barriers has resulted in greater engagement, creativity and productivity.

The overall message being one space, one team, one AXA.

Flexwork: A win-win for AXA and you

Where possible, we try to accommodate flexible working requests. Handy for parents with family commitments, or if you have a second passion like Ruedi, a musician.

Making the most of Flex Time

Ruedi Brem, AXA Winterthur
60% AXA management consultant / 40% musician 

My story
I work part-time. I can organize my work in a flexible way and I always have the possibility of working from home or a co-working space. I’m usually off every Monday.

How it works
I tackle my various tasks with different levels of intensity, a way of working which enables me to adapt myself to my employer’s needs. For example, if necessary, I can sometimes work full-time for a few weeks and then compensate for it by taking some days off or working at 60% for a period. It’s a way of working requiring good organizational skills.

The advantages for me
A varied work flow; zero routine; varied work intensity; lots of free time.

The advantage for AXA?
Flexibility; an implementation adapted to the tasks. 

My Flexwork tips
Flexwork is really enjoyable when it creates a win-win situation, where everyone gets something out of it - you and your employer.
Further proof of AXA’s commitment to new ways of working, to improve our employees’ quality of life and welcome a diversity of talent.
So are you ready to flexwork with us?

Visit AXA Winterthur’s dedicated flexwork platform (French and German only).