AXA has created an ecosystem exclusively dedicated to innovation, so we can better meet our customers’ expectations, everywhere in the world. It encompasses four structures that combine to support innovation at every stage of its development:

AXA Labs

Based in Shanghai and in San Francisco, AXA’s two Labs are its outposts in Asia and in Silicon Valley, enabling it to detect innovation at its source and identify talented entrepreneurs, emerging trends, and new customer needs. The AXA Labs teams in Shanghai and San Francisco scout innovations in their respective regions, to breed partnerships with the most promising startups or replicate the best-performing models. The Labs work closely with the Group’s other innovation structures: Kamet, AXA Strategic Ventures, AXA Partners, and AXA’s Digital Partnerships team. Follow AXA Lab on Twitter !


Kamet is a startup studio—a structure dedicated to creating innovative companies in the insurance and asset management sectors. Its aim is to launch, incubate, and build by teaming with the most talented entrepreneurs and supplying the resources (advice, methods, structures and financing) they need to grow and achieve their ambitions.

AXA Strategic Ventures

AXA Strategic Ventures is AXA’s dedicated fintech and insurtech investment fund. Endowed with €230 million, this international fund invests in companies at different growth stages: the seed stage through its ASV Early Stage fund, or a later growth stage with ASV Capital. AXA Strategic Ventures invests in startups all around the world and has offices in Paris, San Francisco, New York, and London.

AXA Partners & AXA Digital Partnerships

These teams engage AXA in partnerships with innovative companies to reinvent our products and services and how we distribute them.

These partnerships and investments allow AXA to remain at the forefront of digital and technological developments and offer innovative services in a bid to better anticipate and meet the needs of our customers.

LinkedIn & BlaBlaCar: Two innovative partnerships for our customers

Since 2014, LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, and AXA have entered into a global agreement which aims to support AXA's Human Resources, Marketing and Distribution teams via innovation projects, training and access to premium services.

Discover how AXA's partnership with LinkedIn is helping the company to get closer to its clients and employees! Find out more.

BlaBlaCar and AXA, two world leaders in their fields, have worked in partnership to make ridesharing even more reliable in Europe. Find out more.