Norbert Dentressangle



Chairman of Dentressangle Initiatives (SAS)

Born on July 9, 1954

French nationality

Mandate and number of AXA shares

  • Elected on April 23, 2014 - Term expires at the 2018 Shareholders' Meeting
  • First appointment on May 4, 2006
  • Vice-Chairman of the AXA Board of Directors, Lead Independent Director
  • Number of AXA shares held on December 31, 2015: 16,687

On December 31, 2015

Expertise and experience

In 1979, Mr. Norbert Dentressangle founded the Norbert Dentressangle Group, a transportation and logistic specialist, and served as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer until 1998 ; then as Chairman of the Supervisory Board until June 2015, date of the disposal of the controlling interests to the company XPO Logistics. Mr. Norbert Dentressangle is Chairman of Dentressangle Initiatives, an investment holding company which, in addition to his majority stake in the company Norbert Dentressangle S.A. until June 2015, holds, since its creation in 1988, equity interests in real estate, industrial and business services firms. From April 2008 to April 2010, Mr. Norbert Dentressangle was Vice-Chairman of the AXA Supervisory Board and since April 2010, has been Vice-Chairman - Lead Independent Director, of the AXA Board of Directors.

Directorships currently held

  • Chairman: Dentressangle Initiatives (SAS), ND Investissements (SAS)
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors: AXA
  • Co-manager: Versailles Richaud ND (SARL)
  • Director or member of the Supervisory Board: HLD (SCA), SOGEBAIL

Directorships held during the last five years

  • Member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Norbert Dentressangle
  • Chairman: Financière Norbert Dentressangle (SAS)
  • Chief Executive Officer: SOFADE (SAS)
  • Director: SEB