• Companies' Director
  • Born on April 21, 1955
  • American Nationality

Directorship and number of AXA shares

  • Appointed on May 24, 2018 – Term expires at the 2021 Shareholders’ Meeting
  • First appointment on May 24, 2018
  • Member of the AXA Audit Committee
  • Number of AXA shares held on January 22, 2020: 5,000

On December 31, 2019

Expertise and experience

Ms. Elaine Sarsynski graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Economics from Smith College of Northampton (United States) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting and Finance from Columbia Business School, New York (United States). Ms. Elaine Sarsynski started her career in 1977 as Real Estate Analyst at Morgan Stanley (New York, United States). In 1981, she joined Aetna Life and Casualty (Hartford, United States), where she held various positions, notably Head of the Corporate Finance Department (1991-1992), Unit Head of Mortgage Finance (1992-1995) and Head of the Real Estate Investments Department (1995-1998). From 1998 to 2001, she worked for Sun Consulting Group, LLC (Hartford, United States) as Partner and founding principal. During this period, she was an Economic and Community Development Director (1999-2001) and became first Selectman for the town of Suffield (United States) in 2001. In 2005, Ms. Elaine Sarsynski joined Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (Springfield, United States), where she was Managing Director at Babson Capital Management LLC, a MassMutual subsidiary. In 2006, she became Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Executive Officer and President of MassMutual International and in 2008, Executive Vice President, member of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and President of MassMutual Retirement Services as well as Chairwoman of MassMutual International. In early 2017, Ms. Elaine Sarsynski retired from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Directorship held within the AXA Group

  • Director: AXA

Directorships held outside the AXA Group

  • Director: Horizon Technology Finance Corporation (United States), TI Fluid Systems Plc (United Kingdom)
  • Trustee: Hopkins Academy (United States)

Directorships held during the last five years

  • Chairman: MassMutual International (United States)
  • Trustee: MassMutual Fund Boards (United States)