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100+ reasons to love the future

An AXA Foresight program about the bright side of the future

Providing forward-looking perspectives is the role of foresight. In 2023, AXA Foresight is introducing a series of talks, events and research highlighting a positive vision of the future: "100+ reasons to love the future".

A programme fed by in-depth analysis and optimistic points of view to encourage us to become actors of change and of a more desirable future.


Because at AXA Foresight, we study every day weak signals, which give us reasons to look at the future with confidence:

  • major scientific advances are being made
  • women and young people are emerging as agents of change throughout the world
  • positive impactful initiatives by companies, individuals and groups are being created and scaled

Because if the future can hold a risk, at AXA, we know how to identify and analyse it, mitigate it, and even thrive on it.

Because the more we look at the future with a positive mindset, the better the chance of it happening.

Unveiling our program soon

Starting in June, our upcoming events and content will give voice and the stage to speakers and leaders from all horizons sharing their reasons to be optimistic.

Get ready to:

  • listen to young leaders rethinking the way decisions are made in the workplace
  • discover the new imaginaries proposed by women authors and artists
  • discover reknown scientists from all over the world sharing their reasons to look to the future with confidence
  • and much more!

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About AXA Foresight

The role of AXA Group Foresight team is to help provide a lens into possible futures by identifying emerging trends for the years ahead and helping society to better navigate uncertain times.

The AXA Foresight team’s work focuses on three main pillars:

  • Environment and climate change
  • Health
  • Socio-economics and Technology

Its analysis is also supported by the expertise brought by the AXA Research Fund’s community of researchers which supports initiatives in the same areas.