Our strategic roadmap

Ambition AXA outlines the Group's strategic roadmap for 2015 and adjusts the path we need to take to continue our growth. We focus on our core business - insurance and asset management - and aim to become the preferred company of our key stakeholders.

To reach that goal, we chose to reinforce our customer centricity and promote the engagement of our employees by rethinking our corporate culture. This allows us to be more efficient and competitive, and get closer to our customers' needs. Ambition AXA explains precisely how we will accomplish this via three strategic business priorities: being more selective in mature markets, accelerating growth in emerging economies and increasing efficiency in all areas.

Strengthen our customer centricity

Our effort to improve customer relations in terms of finer segmentation and better meeting their needs has enabled us to develop innovative products and higher quality services and increase our brand power. We've clearly moved up a gear in terms of digital and multi-access, and this is more than just adapting: it is a new way of running our business, to be in tune with the times and changing consumer behaviors.

Earn employees' engagement

We care not only about doing business, but also about how we do it. As insurance is a people business, employee engagement is therefore a crucial driver: The more we progress collectively with engagement, the greater customer satisfaction we can achieve. We intend to bring about a cultural change: a shift from a culture of performance to a culture of trust and achievement.

This change allows us to better tackle new challenges in the future, and respond to the expectations of the young people joining us, who all express new aspirations in terms of work organization, autonomy and responsibility.

More generally, we reward and encourage behaviors and attitudes that foster professional development and achievement for all our employees. We monitor how their perceptions evolve in a number of key areas, such as engagement, behavior, inclusion and diversity, and corporate responsibility.

Three strategic priorities for the business

  • Selectivity: Being a global Group means we intend to place our resources where they can make a difference (i.e. where our position can contribute to AXA's growth). Meeting our customers' needs remains our main goal and we want to accomplish this by focusing more on developing products that are sustainably profitable and less capital-intensive.
  • Acceleration: We aim to step up our presence in certain strategic client segments and be more agile in deploying our capital. This agility will drive accelerated expansion in high growth markets where the Group has a strong foothold.
  • Efficiency: To make our size a true competitive advantage, we need to be efficient. We've already launched a program with a Euro 1.7 billion reduction in spending by 2015.

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