AXA supports UNICEF’s global efforts to roll out COVID-19 vaccines to those most in need

COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented global health, humanitarian and economic crisis, upending the lives of children and their families across the globe. Ensuring equitable access to safe and effective vaccines is a critical part of efforts to end the pandemic.

2020 Integrated Report

What will our post-Covid world look like?To answer this question, central to all of our debates throughout 2020, we have continually engaged in dialogue with the stakeholders and experts in our...

Lifeline: Risks & opportunities for women from the Covid-19 digital revolution

AXA surveyed 8,000 women from different social and economic backgrounds in eight countries to examine how women’s use of digital has increased during the pandemic.

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Feb 25, 2021
Full Year 2020 Earnings: AXA demonstrates its strength in an unprecedented crisis.
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