Corporate Responsibility

Our business is to protect people over the long term. In this business, trust and solid relationships are paramount. Corporate Responsibility is the demonstration, step by step, day by day, that, through our actions, we deserve the trust of our stakeholders. We want Corporate Responsibility to be part of AXA's fundamentals. We want to make it a reality for all our stakeholders, not just a concept.
This means designing reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers, managing risks in a professional way, treating our partners fairly, developing a work environment built on strong values, inclusion, and trust. We also believe that we have a role to play in protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which we operate, and more broadly in helping to create stronger and more sustainable societies. This is part of creating a sustainable, long-term business, and becoming the preferred company for our customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Henri de Castries, AXA's Chairman & CEO

Corporate Responsibility Barometer

AXA's approach to integrating long term environmental, social and governance factors into our business is based on detailed performance indicators that are reviewed every year by every local entity. This process and its results are fully disclosed in our CR Barometer.
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Corporate Responsibility Brochure

AXA launches its first Corporate Responsibility (CR) Brochure. This document outlines why CR is more than just a way to leverage our risk expertise for a stronger and safer society, but also why it is a driver of business value.