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Photo of Henri de Castries

© Magali Corouge

Henri de Castries

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA

Born on August 15, 1954
French nationality

Mandate and number of AXA shares

  • Elected on April 23, 2014 - Term expires at the 2018 Shareholders' Meeting
  • First appointment on January 19, 2000 (Management Board)
  • Number of AXA shares held on December 31, 2013: 1,373,752

On December 31, 2013

Expertise and experience

Henri de Castries starts his career in the French Finance Ministry Inspection Office, auditing government agencies from 1980 to 1984.
In 1984, he joins the French Treasury Department, where, in 1986, he plays an active role in several privatizations before being appointed to oversee foreign exchange markets and balance of payments for the Treasury.
In 1989, he joins AXA's Corporate Finance Division. In 1991 he is named Corporate Secretary, in charge of the legal aspects of the reorganization and merger of Compagnie du Midi with and into the AXA Group.
Two years later, he is appointed Senior Executive Vice President for the Group's asset management, financial and real-estate businesses. In 1994, he assumes the additional role of overseeing North American and UK operations.
In 1996, Henri de Castries played an active role both in preparing the UAP merger and in managing the subsequent integration of the two groups. In 1997, he was appointed Chairman of The Equitable Companies (which later became AXA Financial).
Henri de Castries is Chairman of the AXA Management Board from May of 2000 to April of 2010. Since April 2010, following a modification of the corporate governance structure, he is Chairman and CEO of AXA.
Henri de Castries is a graduate of the business school HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) and holds a bachelor degree in Law. He is a former student of the ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration).
Henri de Castries sits on the Board of the Association pour l'aide aux jeunes infirmes, an organization dedicated to helping disabled youth, and is Chairman of AXA Hearts in Action, AXA's volunteer community outreach program.

Directorships currently held in the AXA Group

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: AXA

Chairman of the Board of Directors: AXA Assurances IARD Mutuelle, AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle, AXA Financial, Inc. (United States)

Director or member of the Management Committee: AXA ASIA (SAS), AXA France IARD, AXA France Vie, AllianceBernstein Corporation (United States), AXA America Holdings, Inc. (United States), AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (United States), AXA UK plc (United Kingdom), MONY Life Insurance Company of America (United States)

Directorship currently held outside the AXA Group

Director: Nestlé (Switzerland)

Directorships held during the last five years

Chairman of the Management Board: AXA

Director: AXA Belgium SA (Belgium), AXA Holdings Belgium (Belgium), MONY Life Insurance Company (United States)