AXA's investment policy on companies that produce antipersonnel landmines

AXA and respect for human rights

AXA's managerial culture identifies human rights as a core concern. At AXA, we intend to do business responsibly, which means that wherever we do business, our behavior must be guided by the same set of commitments to our key stakeholdersclients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, the environment and the community.

AXA supports the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, which it has explicitly recognized by signing the Global Compact and by joining UNEP FI (United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative). This is clearly stated in the AXA Group's Compliance and Ethics guide.

Monitoring and managing these commitments is an ongoing process that we take seriously and will be an area of continued focus for us.

As part of AXA's sustainable development strategy, we have decided to gradually integrate sustainable development criteria into our investment policies.

AXA's investment policy on companies that produce antipersonnel landmines

AXA has decided to align itself with the principles of the Ottawa Convention, which prohibits the production and sale of antipersonnel landmines.

Going forward, the AXA Group will no longer make investments in companies that produce or sell anti-personnel mines. This policy covers investments of the AXA Group's general account insurance assets and does not cover assets that we manage on behalf of third parties.

AXA has instructed its asset managers to develop a process for identifying companies that manufacture antipersonnel landmines and to make no new investments of AXA Group general account funds in these companies.