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AXA and FINAXA shareholder's meeting voted in favor of the merger of FINAXA into AXA

Group,December 16, 2005

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Both AXA and FINAXA's shareholders overwhelmingly approved the merger of the two companies at AXA's and FINAXA's extraordinary shareholders' meetings held today.

The merger of FINAXA into AXA is therefore completed as of today. From AXA SA's accounting and fiscal standpoint (statutory accounts), the merger is retroactive as of January 1, 2005. The merger will result in the creation of 299.0 million AXA shares as of December 16, 2005*, while 337.5 million AXA shares owned by FINAXA and its subsidiaries will be cancelled, effective January 9, 2006 (end of the opposition period granted to creditors).

As a result of this transaction, French Mutuelles AXA will hold 14.3% of AXA's outstanding shares, representing 22.7% of AXA's voting rights.

* Indicative. Creation of those shares should take place December 28, 2005