Earnings Presentations

AXA Group invites you to follow the announcement of the 2015 Half Year Earnings presentation.

London, August 4, 2015


6:00 am (London time) - Press Release & all documents related to the earnings publication available on this page.

2:00 pm (London time) - Presentation and Q&A in London for financial analysts (Live video Webcast available)

=> if you are an institutional investor or sell-side analyst, and would like to attend, please contact the Investor Relations team at +33 1 40 75 48 42.

=> if you are a journalist, please note that a dedicated conference will take place at 08:30 am (London time) in Paris - please contact the Media Relations team for further details.

Presentation broadcast
on August 4, 2015 at 2:00 pm (London time)

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"This is a very strong 1st half for AXA, with growth in revenues, growth in earnings, and it's also a first half of continuing transformation of the Group to face the new challenges."

Half Year 2015 Earnings Presentation to analysts and investors

Half Year 2015 Earnings analysts presentation (podcast)

Half Year 2015 Earnings Analysts Presentation Transcript

Activity Report Half Year 2015

Half Year 2015 Earnings - Strong Performance in Line with Ambition AXA

  • Underlying Earnings up 12% on a reported basis, benefitting from a positive Forex impact
  • Underlying Earnings per share up 11% and Adjusted Earnings per share up 12%

On a comparable basis (at constant Forex):

  • Total Revenues up 2% to Euro 55 billion
  • Underlying Earnings up 2% to Euro 3.1 billion
  • Adjusted Earnings up 3% to Euro 3.5 billion
  • Net Income down 7% to Euro 3.1 billion